Privacy Policy


RAVO Holding B.V. & RAVO B.V. treats people with respect, reason why it wants to handle the personal data given to it with integrity, transparency and care.

Privacy rules RAVO holding B.V. & RAVO B.V.

We limit ourselves in the collection of personal data to only data that we have obtained lawfully and by reasonable means and if applicable always with the knowledge or consent of the data subjects.

  1. We ensure that the personal data we collect is limited to the purposes for which it is collected and always with the necessary precision and accuracy.

  2. We only collect personal data after the purposes of the collection have been adequately and in advance made known. It is clear that the use is limited to the realization of these goals or to other (case-by-case) goals that do not conflict with the purpose for which they were previously collected.

  3. We do not make personal data available for purposes other than for which it was collected, except on the basis of explicit consent and/or a legal obligation given by the data subject.

  4. We ensure that the personal data made available to us is appropriately protected against loss, destruction, unauthorized access, unauthorized use, changes, or posting.

  5. We ensure that the processed personal data (for non-excessive payment and in a readable form) are available to that person. In the event of no availability, this is indicative of the reason against which it can be registered. Anyone whose personal data has been processed has the right to access, correct and delete this data.

  6. We ensure that we are at all times able to be accountable for the way in which we as an organization comply with our privacy rules of conduct.

  7. We ensure that the personal data we collect is not retained for longer than necessary for the realization of the previously indicated purpose(s) for which they have been collected.

  8. We do not transfer personal data to third parties.