About us

RAVO BV (part of the FAYAT GROUP)

In December 2019 RAVO opened its new parts warehouse. A 2500 m2 building at the Egelskoog in Alkmaar (The Netherlands) that stores more than 5000 parts and features dedicated areas for service kits, packaging, and labelling. The goal: separating the parts from the production facility to create a parts organization that can focus entirely on After Sales. And with success: 95% of the ordered parts will be delivered within 24 hours.

The importance of RAVO parts

Reliability and availability of parts are crucial criteria on the job. RAVO's long experience in the market has helped the company understand what owners need to make machine maintenance fast, easy and cost-effective. Genuine RAVO parts like brushes, fans or cabin air filters are produced according to the highest quality and durability standards and are designed to maintain the optimal performance of the RAVO sweeping machine.